Panic Over! 

Hello and welcome, to Jurassic Park! 

Well no, not really. Would be cool though, right? 

My name is Deanna, I’m a talker, arguably too opinionated and I really rather enjoy the theatre so I thought, with the encouragement of others, why not share my thoughts and opinions on my favourite thing? I mean, I don’t know about you, but I often find a fresh perspective on something from someone I don’t know can be quite helpful!

And so, here I am with the honest intention to help you in your quest for theatre knowledge. From musicals to plays to books based on them (and vice-versa) I’ll do my best to be inclusive, informative and entirely biased (just kidding! I’ll only be a little bit biased! Ok fine. Unbiased then. Gosh).

I will be writing up my experience and thoughts on each show as soon after as it is physically possible for me to do so. I will also begin with my most recent show attended. HOWEVER! I’ve got many years worth of viewing under my belt (I don’t wear belts if I’m being honest though), so if there is a particular show/ play/ relative literature/ theatre you’d like to know more about just ask me and if I can answer you I’ll be as honest and thorough as I can.

I spend most of my theatre based time in London, it’s true, however I’ve seen productions in all sorts of places from Ipswich to Manchester.

(View from the Grand Circle of the Phoenix Theatre on West End)


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